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Adolf Normann Relling (born Jan 3, 1913 Feb 24 2006)  was a Norwegian interior and furniture designer with significance in developping a functionalist furniture style combined with traditional norwegian craftsmanship . He grew up in a workers environment, worked as an apprentice in a furniture workshops in the community before joining the Ulsteinvik Skole, he then traveled to Oslo and started at the Arts and Crafts school (SHKS) under well known architect Arne Korsmo and painter Arne E. Holm.

His craftsmanship background was strengthened and further developed with work in the Norwegian based company Hjort & Østlyngen, he also stayed in Stockholm for a season of study and took a study trip to Finland.

In 1943 Relling established the design office Rastad and Relling together with Rolf Rastad  which was later complemented with a furniture store in downtown Oslo.

His decoration and furnishing assignments include the Grand Hotel’s Living room and Palmen, the Norwegian Employers’ Confederation, The Kings ship,and  Parliamentary reconstruction and furnishing in collaboration with architect MNAL Nils Holter, the Televerkets building in Pilestredet / Universitetsgata / St. Olav place,  NRK Marienlyst. As a furniture designer, he worked for many furniture manufacturers, including Gustav Bahus in Bergen.

The Design Office Rastad & Relling can be credited with a large range of furniture designs.


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