Jonas Hidle


Jonas Hidle (7. okt 1912,  23. feb 2001 ) was a Norwegian designer with an education at the Norges Tekniske Høyskole in 1937.

After practicing as an architect’s assistant in Oslo from 1937, Hidle was employed by A / S Christiania Glasmagasins drawing office with lighting fixtures as specialty.

His entire work was then associated to this group. As head of the drawing office he designed lighting equipment for offices, banks, hotels, ships, museums, theaters and concert halls. But above all he stands out as the designer assigned to the production of  lighting fixtures for the country´s representation buildings, like the city hall or national properties and a number of churches, which spans a in wide register of buildings from the Middle Ages style to modern constructions.

Hidles lighting fixtures smoothly and sensitively subordinate an architectonic wholeness . His work is thus very different in terms of expression, depending on the assigned task, from simple, unobtrusive to great festive but still wears at the same time an unmistakable personal stamp. Most of His products are specially commissioned lighting equipment. Some of these fittings are used for multiple missions and some are later taken into production. The principal materials used are glass and brass, both used at a variety of different techniques and often together. With assistance of glassblowers in Hadeland and metal workers in Høvik Verk he accredited a rich period in Norwegian Light culture.


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