Birger Dahl

Birger Dahl

Birger Dahl (24 Nov 1916, Aug 12 1998) was a Norwegian interior designer and industrial designer and professor at SHKS (Statens Håndverk og Kunstindustri Skole ).

Dahl was educated at the Norwegian National Academy of Craft and Art Industry, originally in drawing. He became head teacher  in 1947 at SHKS and professor in 1985.

As an industrial designer, he worked as chief designer for Sønnico 1945-57 and designed lamps.

The String pendulum “Dokka” won a gold medal in 1954 at the Milan Triennale, and another lamp, “The girl,” received a similar award three years later. He also designed electric heaters, door fittings and wallpaper pattern. As an industrial designer was Dahl within the period when design changed from applying only to the aesthetic to also integrate the production values ​​of functionality and ergonomics.

From a design historical standpoint, it is interesting to note how little “designed” Dahl’s work is. His designs have rather gotten their logical form as a result of an internal pressure inherent in the concept of the products themselves with their production requirements and future use. They are excellent examples of  the ‘form follows function’ ideology.

Dahl also became the first chairman of the Interior Fund Association at its Foundation in 1945 and was also one of the founders of another industrial association in 1955.


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