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When I was studying at Sotheby Educational Studies 25 years ago, Architect and Designer pieces where hardly seen at auction houses. Some, maybe, would pop up on very selective Art sales with an attitude, mainly by eminent architects like Mies Van der Rohe or Franck lloyd Wright.

Pieces by lesser known designers and architects and manufactured mainstream furniture would not be considered. Vintage Danish design design was in a sleeping mode, and Space age was in the stratosphere. 

Today most auction houses lists includes a large proportion of furniture and artefacts from the 20th Century. Contemporary Interior Decorating, shows a vivid interest in 20th century pieces, and architect and design pieces are vastly being integrated into public and private interiors.

Some pieces are now considered “20th century antiques ” and are highly collectable.

Salvaging and collecting quality items from our retrospective past has become a noble passion and life style for some, of which I am a part of. 

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