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Our showrooms are situated in the Heart of Oslo on Carl Johansgt, the main street leading to the Castle in the Paleet shopping area.

Furniture and artefacts are elegantly displayed in a 400sqm concept in collaboration with Brands T-Michael, Norwegian Rain.


We take good care of your furniture. 

Modern Tribute restores all types of weaving. 

From midcentury classics to antique pieces, paper cord, split cane and  more. 

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Although most of the pieces will travel through the website. Some will not be featured there.

inquire for singular pieces by mail or phone 

We source particular pieces for demanding clients and interior architects with distinct taste and needs. 


Hans Wegner and GETAMA

Hans Wegner´s furniture has been a favourite at Getama for around 60 years. Wegner´s furniture is recognised for its design , quality and durability and many models prize winners at fairs around the world. 

Modern Tribute introduces a selection of New Hans Wegner models from Danish Manufacture Getama in the Store at Paleet. 


Collaboration Exhibition

Modern Tribute collaborates with Gallery RIIS and sets up the stage for an unconventional multiple Artists exhibition. 

Chairs and table by CADO Denmark.  Lighting Wilhlem Lauritsen 1930s. 



Sourcing Mid Century Art Works

Looking to purchase or sell extravagant art pieces ?

Modern Tribute is always on the look out for eye catching pieces from the 20th Century. 

mail: info@moderntribute.com