Gerhard Berg


Gerhard Berg is a Norwegian furniture designer with an active and long career. He has worked with several of Norway‘s leading furniture manufacturers, especially in the golden age period for Norwegian furniture design in the 1950’s / 60’s.

Gerhard Berg grew up in the Volda municipality in Norway, at 19 years old he took a correspondence course at the ABC school of drawing. Meanwhile, he worked as a lithographer and apprentice gardener in Oslo.

In 1949 he entered the Norwegian National Academy of Art and Crafts carpentry specialisation under the architect Arne Korsmo and designer Birger Dahl. In 1953 Berg took a short term employment at Ingmar Relling and continue his Diploma at the same time and in 1954 he was employed by Vatne Lenestolfabrikk. Through the years Berg furniture where produced by Hareid Bruk, LK.Hjelle, PI Langlo.

In the late 1950s Gerhard Berg began a long and fertile collaboration with Norwegian furniture manufacturer Stokke.

In 2010, Northern Lighting started  the production of a Gerhard Bergs lamp called “Berg”. It is constructed of transparent and sandblasted, rectangular acrylic plates that renders particular split light beams.

In 2011 Aksel Hansson in Hjelmeland relaunched the production of Bergs stacking chair “Shaft” with a seat in woven seagrass. the first order went to the newly built “Sjømanskirken” Princess Mette-Marit Church in Miami.

Ref:  Store Norske Leksikon:

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