Modern Tribute is a dealership and consultency based in Oslo Norway that Sources, restores, and curates, 20th Century Modern decorative arts and original Architect furniture with an accent on Scandinavian pieces

Pieces are chosen for their eminent craftsmanship and authenticity, kept with their original patina or respectfully restored by skilled craftsmen. 

The founder

“My name is Eric Beugnet and I am the founder of Modern Tribute. I was born and raised in France, and have spent the past 20 years in Scandinavia, with a base in Oslo Norway.

My vocation was nurtured from an early age, living in the rich cultural and historical environment of my home town in Eastern France. An early life filled with visual æthetics, from hanging around our family owned Art Gallery, to gazing at the Roman, Medieval & Renaissance architecture of my close surroundings.

But what awakened a particular interests in the Decorative Arts was a 6-year period in London UK in the mid 1990s, where I undertook studies in art history, followed by an inspirational and thorough  “Work of art “course at auctioneer Sotheby´s institute of art, at the end of which I chose to write a thesis on the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright´s furniture design. Now architect furniture, would rarely appear in auction catalogues at that time.

Since then I have enjoyed a varied, both formal and informal education, punctuated with various work practice, courses and business related experiences. To name a few, I held a managing position at an Archeology Gallery in Paris dealing with art pieces from ancient civilizations. I then assisted in a traditional British influenced antique store in Oslo, where i trained as a chandeliers and furniture restorer. But it is at the Danish online auction house Lauritz.com in Oslo, that I truly discovered a passion for Scandinavian design and 20th Century Modern furniture. In 2010 after years with dealing in antiques and Scandinavian design through various channels, I founded ModernTribute, a platform under which I share my passion for the decorative arts of the 20th century.”

Modern Tribute provides a number of services


As well as the usual stock available in our Stores. Modern Tribute also Provides sourcing of high end and distinctive pieces directed towards clients with spesific needs

Sourcing on appointment only:

Contact Eric Beugnet on

international: +47 45506776

Modern Tribute offers a variety of services associated with expertise in 20th century furniture and Decorative Arts.


Modern Tribute provides written evaluations of your own pieces. Evaluation certificates can be used for inheritance purposes and insurance coverage. We can also provide written evaluations by email. Mail pictures to [email protected] Prices: In house visit written evaluation: 1500 NOK + 2% of the value of the items evaluated. Email evaluation per item: 500 NOK + 2% valued item. Inquiries at +47 455 06 776 or email [email protected]


Upholstery of Midcentury Classics: Upholstery in leather or fabric of Danish classics: Jacobsen Egg chair, 3107 chair. Mogensen, Wegner, Fredrik Kayser, T.Afdal….

We offer restoration, woodworking and finishes of 20th Century modern furniture. Professional varnishing, polishing and Danish oil finishes. Most restoration costs can be evaluated by sending detailed photos to [email protected] Pieces can be restored in our workshop or through our network of craftsmen and partners in Scandinavia.


We offer weaving in paper cord, sea grass, straps, French weaving. Deliver your Hans Wegner, Børge Mogensen, Bruno Mathsson chairs for restoration, or order a pick up service in the Oslo area.


Find Us



Karls Johansgt 41b, 0162 Oslo.

Opening hours:

Monday to friday 10.00 to 20.00

Saturdays 10.00 to 18.00



Mon-Sat 10am-7pm, Sun Noon-5pm




Mon-Wed 11am-17pm, Thurs 11am-19pm, Fri 11am-18pm, Sat 11am-16pm

MAIL: [email protected]

MOB: +47 45 50 67 76.

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